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L'Sensa Sunscreen features ingredients sourced from Korea and Taiwan, proven effective through vivo and vitro studies. Experience 3x more powerful protection against harmful UV rays with our advanced formula.



Key Ingredients Sourced from Korea & Taiwan

L'Sensa sunscreen harnesses the power of key ingredients sourced from Korea and Taiwan, leveraging their innovative technology. Our formula offers superior protection against UV rays, backed by extensive research and testing. Experience the advanced sun protection of L'Sensa, crafted with ingredients renowned for their effectiveness and reliability.

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1. What level of sun protection does L'SENSA Sunscreen offer?

L'SENSA Sunscreen offers broad-spectrum protection with SPF 50, shielding your skin from both UVA and UVB rays effectively.

2. Is L'SENSA Sunscreen water-resistant?

Yes, L'SENSA Sunscreen is waterproof, providing reliable protection even during water activities or when you sweat.

3. Can I apply makeup over L'SENSA Sunscreen?

Absolutely! L'SENSA Sunscreen is formulated to be makeup-friendly, allowing for seamless integration into your daily beauty routine.

4. Has L'SENSA Sunscreen been dermatologically tested?

Yes, L'SENSA Sunscreen has undergone rigorous dermatological testing to ensure its safety and effectiveness for all skin types.

5. How long does the protection of L'SENSA Sunscreen last?

L'SENSA Sunscreen offers 6-hour photostability, providing extended protection against harmful UV rays.

6. What does PA ++++ mean?

PA ratings indicate the level of protection against UVA rays. L'SENSA Sunscreen boasts the highest PA rating of PA ++++, ensuring superior defense against UVA radiation.

7. What is RIPT testing, and has L'SENSA Sunscreen undergone it?

RIPT (Repeat Insult Patch Test) is conducted to assess the potential for skin irritation or sensitization. L'SENSA Sunscreen has been subjected to RIPT testing to ensure its suitability for even the most sensitive skin types.

8. Does L'SENSA Sunscreen contain any beneficial ingredients for the skin?

Yes, L'SENSA Sunscreen is enriched with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, providing additional skincare benefits such as hydration and skin barrier support.

9. Is L'SENSA Sunscreen suitable for all skin types?

Absolutely! L'SENSA Sunscreen is specially formulated to be gentle yet effective, making it suitable for all skin types, including oily skin.

10. What are some other characteristics of L'SENSA Sunscreen?

L'SENSA Sunscreen is paraben-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. Rest assured, no animals were harmed in the production of our sunscreen. Additionally, it features a unique double-layered encapsulated gel-based formula for lightweight, comfortable wear.

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